Hi, I'm Terri-Leigh.

I’m a model, turned digital marketing expert, who lives and breathes social media. So much so, I founded my Melbourne-based social media agency, Formation Media.

I’m all about helping entrepreneurs grow your business and shine online.

I’m a marketing strategist, personal branding expert and a whiz when it comes to the Gram, good ol’ Facie and turning those followers into customers! And I’m here to help the next generation of boss babes succeed in your business.


But first, let me introduce myself.

Ever wondered about those girls who win the model search competitions? That’s me. I was 16 and so darn excited to enter the fascinating world of modelling. I absolutely adored it and completed two university degrees online so I could continue to travel the world and work part-time.

Some have called me a professional uni student (jokes), mainly because I did a Bachelor, Post Graduate and then finished with a Master’s degree. There’s nothing quite like education, hey?

I thought though, that it was time to grow up.

I started my career at Bauer and it sure was an incredible experience. I worked on magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmo (RIP old friend) – what an amazing opportunity for a young woman fresh out of university. I then moved into some other marketing roles where again, I gained a lot of experience. But despite the excellent perks and wonderful salary, I wasn’t fulfilled.

I wasn’t happy with where I was in my life. So I boss-babed it up and I took control of my life. I quit my full-time job and went back out into the big wide world.

Without knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I fell back into my safety-net – modelling. Very quickly I learnt that Instagram was one of the most important social media platforms to have a presence on.

So I started ‘Project Terri-Leigh’. I realised I needed to build my following and to be honest, I’d been in training for this project for my entire career. Since then, I grew my following to just under 10K in a few months. And people started noticing.

The question came flooding in from all angles – how exactly did I do it? It dawned on me that not many people knew how to successfully market themselves or their business on social media. So, I started doing it for them! I grew my business, Formation Media, from that moment on and delivered some cray cray results for my clients.

But I still felt as though something was missing… I wasn’t helping so many of my tribe, the early stage female entrepreneur, the woman who wanted to make her mark on the world and share her magic.

And so, I created this platform for these women to have a community and learn everything they needed to know to make their dreams a reality.

My mission is to empower the next generation of boss babes with the knowledge and resources to start and grow their biz to 6-figures!

You’re Magic

Terri Leigh x