Episode 1: "Am I Ready to Start My Own Biz?"

Episode 1

“Am I Ready To Start My Own Business?” with Terri-Leigh

“When it comes to starting your own business, it’s time to tell yourself: Hell freaking yes!!

My name is Terri-Leigh and Im a fellow female entrepreneur on my journey to building my dream and making my mark on the world.

I created The ConnectHerPodcast to connect Her, the next generation of boss babes, to the top millennial female entrepreneurs and experts of our generation.

This is not just another inspiring entrepreneurship podcast - we’re here to connect you to the rule-breakers, change-makers and women that are kicking the status quo back to where it belongs.

I wanted to start the first episode of The ConnectHer Podcast with probably one of the most daunting question that I think all women starting this journey ask themselves:  Am i capable of starting my own biz and when will i know I’m ready?

To be able to take the leap and start your own business, you have to be a dreamer, a go-getterand most importantly - you need to back yourself! Because nobody in this big world that we live in is going to give you ‘permission’ to start your own business - that’s all up to you bby girl! 

 And I cannot wait to go on this crazy roller-coaster ride with you on your journey.

 So, it’s time to back yourself, give yourself permission and start your biz. You got this. Always remember: You’re magic.

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About your host, Terri-Leigh and her quarter-life crisis that started this crazy entrepreneurial journey that’s lead her here! 

  • The two types of situations you’ll get yourself into when it’s time for you to grow

  • Whenyou’ll know it’s the right timeto make the big decision, back yourself and start your own biz!

Hope you enjoyed this podcast! Make sure to subscribe and I’ll be bringing you our very first interview very soon.

You’re Magic

Terri-Leigh xx

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