Episode 3: How to use Hashtags to Grow Your Tribe with Terri-Leigh

Episode 3

How to use Hashtags to Grow Your Tribe with Terri-Leigh

“Hashtags are an integral part of your instagram strategy.” - Terri-Leigh

Hey, lovelies! Im Terri Leigh and My name is Terri-Leigh and I’m a fellow female entrepreneur on my journey to building my dream and making my mark on the world.

I am a Social Media Growth Expert so I wanted The ConnectHer Podcast’s  first biz tip episode to be about something that excites me like CRAZY and it’s using Hashtags for Growth on Instagram.

At the end of this podcast, you will not only understand why Hashtags could be an incredible way for you to build your instagram but also how you could get started and how do this in your own business TODAY.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How host Terri-Leigh and her startup Formation Media did a full hashtag discovery with a client

  • Answers to your frequently asked instagram questions:

    • Should you use all 30 hashtags for every post?

    • How often do you need to change your hashtags and why you should do so

    • Where to add hashtags: caption or comment?

    • How do you know what hashtags work well?

    • What to do if you’re stuck with hashtags

  • How Terri-Leigh and other instagram experts come up with so many hashtags all the time?

Bonus resources:

Free Hashtag Guide PDF:


Smarthash, the Terri-Leigh tried and tested App for hashtags
Click here to download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smarthash-hashtag-insights/id1200529449?mt=8

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And remember:

You’re Magic.
Terri-Leigh xx

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