Episode 5: How to Turn Your Followers into Customers with Terri-Leigh

Episode 5

How to Turn Your Followers into Customers with Terri-Leigh

“When it comes to social media, you have to do your content strategy with purpose and intent behind every single post.”
- Terri-Leigh

Hey, lovelies! It’s me, your host Terri-Leigh and I’m back with an exciting expert tip episode of The ConnectHer Podcast.

In this episode, I’m going to talk about the number 1 most asked question when it comes to social media growth:

How do I turn my followers into customers?

My team and I created a content strategy called The Fangirl System.

We use this system on all content marketing for ALL of our clients and my own personal social media. This includes all videos, posts, stories, emails, and everything we put out to the world.

We created this system because we saw so many entrepreneurs getting it WRONG

This episode will focus mainly on how you should implement The Fangirl System so you can grow your social media tribe and convert your followers into loyal customers for your business!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What The Fangirl System is...

  • The 3 Phases of The Fangirl System

1. Growing your tribe
2. Connecting with your tribe
3. Converting your tribe

Hope you learned alot from this interview! Subscribe and stay tuned for more inspiring interviews and episodes.

And remember:

You’re Magic.
Terri-Leigh xx

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